Wednesday, 19 May 2010

We move to a blog

Today the news section finally moves to a blog. With this action we hope to provide a more modern look, a better navigation and a faster upload of news and pictures, and more important, to allow some interactivity with our clients. The blog allows that people add comments to the news, thus making it more attractive and giving us a very useful feedback. We look forward to hear from you.

Finally, by now we have configured it with 'unmoderated comments'. This means that the comment you write should appear instantly in the blog. In the next weeks we will see how this works.


  1. hello everybody, i think i'm the first one on the blog so there is nothing much too say yet, accept that this is a really good idea, i think, and i allready have lots of good memories of camping international, and for sure i'm gonna make a lot of new ones this summer. Before i forget something, rafel thanks for all your hard work over there the blog came sooner than i thought. greetings from belgium. fam. Laevens

  2. hello, thanks, it was fast because since several weeks I was looking at the various blog possibilities: blogger, wordpress, movable... It is rather confusing to choose what is more appropiate, but I choosed blogger because now they have a where they make available (as a preview), some features that are later going to be generally available. This, the easy of use, the possibility to export all the information to another blog platform, and Google behind it, made it. The easy of use was very important, since I did not wish to spend a lot of hours reading manuals and configuring it.

  3. Bonjour client depuis plus de 20 ans une piscine que l on attend de puis quelque année elle est très bien réussis beaucoup d espasse a bientot pour 3 semaines de détente aux moi de juillet