Sunday, 23 May 2010

Gradually opening grass areas

In the swimming pool, today we have opened the grass area in the south side. In about one week we will open the west side, nearer to the supermarket. The north side will require some three more weeks.

Today is a typical sunny, hot day and it seems that people really enjoy the fresh water.


  1. Rafael,

    Another few weeks and then we can go enjoy the swimming pool, The Children can hardly wait to go and try the swimming pool. It looks good.
    See you all in a few weeks.

    By the way, good action to create a blog possibility.

    Van Gilsjes Netherlands

  2. it looks beautifull... We are coming next week... Hopefully we will have a nice weather !

    Some frenchies

  3. Hey Camping Amberes,

    We have bean on the camping in a bungalow and it was fantastic, the new swimming pool was great an not gold for god sake.
    my son`s have playd a lot in the swimming pool.
    realy evriting was great on camping, the shop the restaurant of mannolo en georgy of course realy great. also the reseption.

    Thanks and we wil back next year.

    Fam Paulussen
    The Netherlands

  4. I am really looking forward to visit the camping in July. It's been 3 years since I was there for the last time. Besides that: It's my eighth visit, so I'm curious about how it looks now. Can't hardly wait!

    The Netherlands

  5. Bonjour ,
    DANS arriver sur 11 Jours !
    CELA FAIT 7 ans qu'on Vient un CE merveilleux camping et qu'elle progression
    En esperant Beau Temps voiture AVOIR L' Année dernière C'etait Pas top !

    Une famille française