Friday, 14 May 2010

Putting plants around the new swimming pool

The gardeners are now putting some plants around the swimming pool. Here you see the area where the grass is almost strong enough, we plan to open this area in two weeks, so that people can lie in the grass. There are other areas where the grass is just beginning to appear and that will be opened much later.


  1. Nice pool

    Is there a slide for kids comming also ?

    I coming for 3 weeks in august
    cant wait


  2. Hello, we don't plan to put a slide by now, this first summer we are going to see how it all functions, how the grass all round can resist. The design is minimalist, but we can later add an inflatable slide, of course.

  3. bonjour
    tres bonne idée le toboggan gonflable
    nous 2 semaines en juillet yesss!!!!!!