Monday, 24 October 2011

Follow us on Facebook

This summer, when preparing the name change, we anticipated having a presence in Facebook and started looking how to do it. In the last year Facebook has changed its policy for business and, instead of each business creating a normal account, wants them to register in Facebook Pages and the presence is then more limited than in a normal, personal account. The strange thing is that you have to associate it to a personal account, that I suppose everyone creates as fake since it is not practical to link to your very personal account. Anyway, we succeeded in getting a business page with our exact name, so you will find it in

This Facebook Page should be useful for posting informal comments, both from us and from you. You can, hopefully, post and share with us some nice picture of your holidays. Or ask us, suggest... in case you prefer Facebook than e-mails or fill the forms in our website. Any message will be welcomed and we will try to answer rapidly.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Here comes Rubina Resort

This monday we have finally changed our name to 'Camping Rubina Resort'. In the last days some camping guides have already been updated, but it will be a long way to update most guides, websites, blogs, and also the physical signs on the road, in Empuriabrava and inside the campsite. Apologises to all the clients that may feel that the old name was better, we hope that in the long term it is better to be identified with the name of the area (La Rubina) around us.

Friday, 7 October 2011

New brochure for 2012

We have just received the new brochure for 2012, with the new camping name and, new pictures of the swimming pool, and the details of the new bungalows for 2 persons. You can find it in our new web site for 2012, and in the reception they have replaced the old brochures.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Electrical heaters for the bungalows 4/6 persons

There are 17 bungalows for 4/6 persons located near the beach. These bungalows have relied on a nearby toilet&showers building to get the heated water. The distance from the bungalows to that building is not big, but anyway having a continuous circuit of heated water pass through all the bungalows consumes a lot of energy, and it doesn't matter whether the bungalow is full or empty. Additionally, having to supply heated water to the bungalows reduced the flow of heated water available to the showers in the building, and that is important mainly in high season when at peak hours .
Now Antonio modifies that system and installs an electrical heater on the outside wall to each bungalow. In that way, each bungalow will have its own heater system, it can be turned off when the bungalow is empty, and it should alleviate peak hours in the showers building. We hope it will work better than now.