Friday, 7 October 2011

New brochure for 2012

We have just received the new brochure for 2012, with the new camping name and, new pictures of the swimming pool, and the details of the new bungalows for 2 persons. You can find it in our new web site for 2012, and in the reception they have replaced the old brochures.


  1. Hy Rubina resort it`s a top name much richer than the old name! But i have one comment on the folder why are you take an old foto from the sky on the front of it!!! realy a shame, also some picteru`s from caravans are old why diddent you take some new picterus this jear.

    Fam paulussen Holland.

  2. Hello... the picture was taken 2 years ago. At that moment it was very nice and better than the old one. We plan to update it when the old swimming pool will be destroyed, surely in about 1 year and a half.