Sunday, 2 October 2011

Electrical heaters for the bungalows 4/6 persons

There are 17 bungalows for 4/6 persons located near the beach. These bungalows have relied on a nearby toilet&showers building to get the heated water. The distance from the bungalows to that building is not big, but anyway having a continuous circuit of heated water pass through all the bungalows consumes a lot of energy, and it doesn't matter whether the bungalow is full or empty. Additionally, having to supply heated water to the bungalows reduced the flow of heated water available to the showers in the building, and that is important mainly in high season when at peak hours .
Now Antonio modifies that system and installs an electrical heater on the outside wall to each bungalow. In that way, each bungalow will have its own heater system, it can be turned off when the bungalow is empty, and it should alleviate peak hours in the showers building. We hope it will work better than now.

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