Sunday, 4 August 2013

Changes for 2014 in apartments downstairs

Apartments are going to be redecorated for the 2014 season, with BIG changes. First, air conditioning (warm - cold) will be installed in all the apartments. Second a more modern look with colors - furniture will be arranged.
Here is how apartments downstairs are planned, after a lot of changes because of the comments of some of you. We will keep the capacity of 4/6 persons, with the sofa bed. All the apartments on the ground will be transformed to have this capacity, even the bigger ones that were 7-8 persons. There will be a possible trick to accommodate a 7th person: an additional (exceptional) folding bed that can be put at the end of the main bed. A small exception, one of the apartments will be adapted for wheelchair users.
Bed measurements may change, but we will try to make beds longer and possibly wider. For example, the main bed will surely be of 160 cm width. The sofa bed could be also 2 m long, and in the children's room the beds will have another distribution. In the bathroom we will put white tiles. A big change, in the main bedroom we will remove the wall that separated from the living room, in order to give more space and open it. The apartment's main door will be much bigger, something like 1,5 cm wide, similar to the bungalows, in order to have more light and also open all the space inside.
Reservations for 2014 are already available from the reception, by email or directly from the on-line reservation system.

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