Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Welcome new football / basketball field

The new activities that are going to replace the minigolf are: 4 ping pong tables and a football / basketball field.
During these last years we had 2 ping pong tables below the old swimming pool. The place was rather terrible because the ceiling was low and also because there were some camping plots just in front of it that were disturbed by the noise. Now we move these tables to the new location and add two more.
We have been having a green football field outside the campsite, quite big, but the inconvenience is that the door to that place needs to be open, and this poses security issues, because easily non-clients could enter the campsite without control. The football field also was sometimes 'occupied' by cows that escaped from nearby fields and that made the area dirty, even breaking the nets of the football goals. The new football area will add basketball facilities and will be totally inside the campsite.
In the next weeks we are going to report about the progress that is been made. We hope to have it ready in about one month.


  1. Estan els nens del càmping bojos d'alegria, amb les taules de ping-pong noves les pistes de futbol i bàsquet, i per poder gaudir una temporada més del càmping ...GRACIES.

  2. This is a good move and will be for the youth a welcome addition.

    Family, van Gils, Breda, Holland.

  3. Gracias por las mejoras.Muy bien por la pista de futbol-basquet y en especial por poner más mesas de ping-pong ya que los más pequeños, a menudo se quedaban sin poder jugar debido a la gran demanda y a que los chicos mayores se adueñaban del espacio.Propongo que, en las horas de más uso, asegurarles al menos una mesa, poniendo un escrito con algo asi:"De 18'00h.a 21'00 solo para usuarios de 6 a 12 años".Enhorabuena y gracias de nuevo por las mejoras.
    Familia de Ivan.