Friday, 22 March 2013

Lounge bar opening more hours

Last summer we opened the lounge bar only during the afternoon, and from beginning July to middle September. This summer we have decided to open it the whole season, all the day, mornings and afternoons. We hope this will be appreciated by young people because of the 3 billiard tables, and for everybody as a meeting area. It would be a pity to have that lounge bar closed during rainy days, when it is critical to have confortable spaces inside the buildings.
This is the good new, the 'bad' new is that we will start requiring a consumption in order to use the free WiFi provided in the lounge bar, for example a simple drink will be enough. This is similar to what bars in Empuriabrava are doing. Upon consumption the bar will give a ticket with the password.


  1. Ik vindt het een slechte service en erg achterhaald dat je gewoon bij je caravan/tent of bungelow geen Wifi hebt.

  2. hello, we think that most camping plots have WiFi... if you don't have it at your place, please tell us and we will try to improve the WiFi there, sorry!