Thursday, 1 November 2012

Preparing the demolition of the old swimming pool

In a few weeks we are going to demolish the old swimming pool. We have been emptying everything inside and around it: the signs of the parking, the gardener's workshop, two garages, three storages, the miniclub, the machine room...


  1. Hi! What will become that thing now? An area for trainers might hope for this, it's the only thing missing on your lovely campsite Best regards Eva from Sweden

  2. Hello! we are thinking on a volleybeach court... I think it is a very popular sport. In the beach you can sometime do it also, but in the high season it is difficult to find the free place and you would also have to mount/dismount and carry your own net. Here, all would be prepared and you would have to just bring your ball. The sand in the ground would make it very safe for everyone. The size is 16x8 meters with 6 meters of margin all around. What do you think about it?