Friday, 12 October 2012

Website updated, ready for 2013

Today we will be updating our website, and if all goes well at the end of the day you should view something like the picture above. Internet Explorer 6.0 is no more supported, and there can be problems with IE 7.0, but the rest of the browsers should be ok. In case you experience problems, please tell us to and we will try to arrange it.

The new design is much 'softer' in the colors, in fact uses similar colors to the ones that we use inside the campsite. It tries to present a realistic, more inmersive impression of what is to find here. For example, the big photo background and the transparency in the page. We are also using, much more, modern graphical elements such as image galleries, tabs and accordions.

Links to the blog and facebook are found both in the sidebar and the footer, in order to try to bring clients to visit those websites.

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