Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lounge bar during the night

These last nights the new lounge bar is getting more and more visitors, billiard tables are often busy. There are still some details to add or change but it is already quite nice. Free WiFi is already working and smartphone users already know it.


  1. What about the fire near the camping these days ?

  2. By now no problem, it is at 20 Km, and because of the wind direction is not coming nearer. We see some smoke, but far away.

  3. Thank you !
    I was worried because of my son working there and not letting hear of him…

  4. If your son is working here or in Empuriabrava, there is no risk. The vegetation here around is scarce, and it would be possible to cut the fire somewhere. Anyway, it is still at 20 Km distance and now moving to the west. To come here it would need a wind coming in the oposite direction, from the west, and this happens almost never in this region.