Thursday, 22 December 2011

Preparing a new bar above the supermarket

Rumors have circulated during this last summer about the bar Amberes. Now we can say it for sure: bar Amberes is not going to open again in 2012. At this point it is still not decided what we are going to do in that building. It is possible that next summer that space is simply closed.
But we are right now preparing the alternative for 2012: a new bar above the supermarket. It is planned to be a kind of lounge bar, with rather confortable chairs or armchairs.
Decoration, furniture, painting... are still uncertain, as well as the name of this bar. It will habe a very BIG terrace, that some of you have already visited in its old state. We plan to open that space from early in the morning to late in the evening, probably until 12:00 PM. We hope that clients will use it in order to rest, to read a book, to hear some light music... At least until the evening it should be a quiet space. In the evening/night of the high season we may put some loud music, and so be atractive for young people.
We also plan to offer free WiFi inside this bar, in the rest of the campsite WiFi will not be free.
Comments, suggestions... are welcome. In the next weeks we will post updates on the project. And it should hopefully be finished by beginning May.


  1. I hope you make sure that there will come an alternative place for the poolbillards and the computers that are often used by the young ones!!!

  2. Yes, we plan to put inside some internet computers, similar to inside the internet cafe. About the poolbillards, it is possible that we put two of them, we are still deciding what to do with that.

  3. Maybe it's nice to put sand on the floor, like a kind of beachclub! I do hope there are poolbillards for the children!

  4. Bonjour
    il manque un espace "jeunes " ils ont besoin d'un espace où se réunir -jouer - discuter et ils sont plus bruyants
    si ce lieu ferme où iront ils ?
    je trouve qu'il n'existe pas assez de jeu type baby foot - flipper - ping -pong - tir à l'arc par exemple en période estivale et pas un vrai lieu aéré avec de bonnes dimensions pour les manifestations musicales-


  5. En ce qui concerne se reunir, j'espère que cet espace leur ira bien. La terrasse et l'interiur on voudrait les meubler avec des fauteils pas tres lourds, pour pouvoir les changer de position et alors s'adapter a des groups de jeunes. Sur le ping pong, on va decider les prochaines semaines si on met une autre table.

  6. About the sand in the floor, it is nice to hear original ideas, indeed. But... there are chiringuitos in the beach that already have that.

  7. i understand your ideas about new bars but try to remember that many (young) children used all games and biljarts a lot in the afternoon as well in the evenings. You really have to make also an alternativ for them, otherwise they will hang out all over the camping and make extra noise etc.. and most worse..they will start complaining they have nothing to do. This with bad result for references about your camping. Also for parents not nice because tehy were used to have some freedom at the time these fellows are gaming !! I think this is not the meaning, am I right ?

  8. We truly want to provide an space where young people can feel at ease during the evenings. There will be no game machines there, but we will put billiards, also it should be easy to move the armchairs and tables so they can form groups. Inside and in the terrace there will be rather few lights during the night, to provide the right atmosphere.

  9. Y que tal si ponen un lugar donde la gente pueda fumar tranquilos sus pipas de agua con Marihuana?

  10. Pues no estaria mal, una buena forma de aguantar la crisis ;-)

  11. Will the nice barman from Bar Amberes also stay in the new bar?

  12. We are going to deal with that bar directly, we are not going to rent it. About who is going to work there it is still too early to say...

  13. As a child I spent a lot of holidays at Camping Internacional, even before it became Internacional-Amberes!
    You'd never guess what the 'event of the day' was......
    The BIG watertruck driving onto the camping!!!
    We, children, were fascinated about the process the truckdriver had to go through to deliver the water into the tank of the camping. And.....there could only be 'one fortunate child' every day to help the driver!
    Amazing, we didn't need computer games, marihuana, internet, flipper etc to have a GREAT time, over and over again!
    Great memories!

  14. Interesting, this was about 40 years ago, when there was the Internacional Mas Xalet and the water came from an elevated water tank. That tank was not very big, so I suppose it needed to be filled everyday. We removed that tank a lot of years ago, builded a water cleaning facility for the water of the river and then later we removed it and connected the camping with the public water network from empuriabrava, because some summers the river was dry.
    Thanks for telling us about that!

  15. Indeed, the truck even came several times a day!
    I have so many great memories of our summers there! (Exept for the mosquitos.....)
    We once held a snail race, the parcour was made of tent poles! Big fun for the winner, tears for the one who's snail dissolved because.... I still don't know, upto today, why it dissolved...
    Our morning walk to the beach, swimming, buying ice cream on the beach in the little 'chalet'....
    Our parents drinking sangria for my mothers birthday (you had to order the sangria one day upfront, to make sure that the fruit had all the flavours of the wine etc.)
    Pankraz cooking great meals (not typically Spanish, he even made Cheese Fondue for us in the middle of the summer, since he was Swiss)
    I could write an entire book.... :)
    Even thinking about bringing my parents in September, they are 75 and 78 years old now, and don't want to go this far anymore by car.