Monday, 18 July 2011

Planning new bungalows for 2012

There are 5 bungalows for 2 and 2/4 persons, located in street 6. They have been repaired year after year, but now they are simply too old, so in 2012 we are going to replace them by new ones, all 5 of them for maximum 2 persons. We have choosed the Gitotel Tonga model, with some modifications to make it more spacious inside. There is a rather big terrace, and we hope that it will be a success.
You can see the detailed floor plan in our new website for 2012

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  1. If i would have a girlfriend next year, then this will be my option to take for another stay at camping Rubina Resort. I enjoyed my stay at camping Internacional Amberes and the bungalow i was in at lane 6. Maybe we meet again in 2012.