Sunday, 15 August 2010

Survivors in the reception

Here is the reception team this summer 2010. After long discussions for a bigger, smaller, shadower, sunnier, isolated, crowded or whatever place, they wanted to prove that they are still alive and kicking all that moves, so their family stops phoning thinking like they were in Pakistan.


  1. Yes! Best recepcion groups ever! It has been a pleasure work with people like you. See you next year!

  2. Super acceuil et tres souriant merci encore et on sera là pour notre 6 eme année au camping

  3. Great group and great people! even that we have discussions with some clients we think that the most of them they were very friendly, and they didn't want to kill us.

  4. Indeed, a great group.
    They all are doing their best to make it comfortable for the costumers, and they are doing a great job.
    A good team, we hope that everybody is working on the camping again next year.

    Hope to see you all next year.