Saturday, 17 July 2010

The adhesive that never existed

We had planned a magenta-coloured adhesive for this year, in order to better control the entrance of vehicles in the campsite. The adhesive had to be the one you see in the above picture... Well, at the last minute, it was decided to stop using adhesives at all. Adhesives in the last years are being regarded as a primitive way of control, mainly for clients that are coming from hotels or other accomodations, or just young people that start going on holidays. Besides, as a control system, it opens many doors to failures.

Indeed, since some 6 years we are using, at the campsite entrance, a control system based on cameras that try to recognise the plate number. This is far from perfect, mainly because our entrance does not follow a straigh line, and vehicles sometimes are bad situated for the (dumb) cameras to read the plate number. Anyway, we think that this is the future and therefore this year we have also provided the night guards with a computer that helps them working with that system and ask for a plate number when the gate does not open.

So, we apologize for the lose of a campsite characteristic, hoping that in the long term it will help new clients accept more easily our campsite. What do you think about it? Would you like that we still put the adhesive in the vehicle? Do you like it as an option? We may also have them to give to anyone that asks for it.

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