Monday, 14 June 2010

Machine room now fully finished

As promised, here is how the machine room looks today, fully finished. Attached to he wall at the far end, you can see the devices that produce chlorine from salt, i.e., salt chlorinators. At the right side you see the pumps and filters. On the left side you see the light control system, more about that in the next weeks.

In order to desinfect the water, we add salt to it, and afterwards the water goes throught a salt chlorination process that uses electrical current to convert it to hypochlorous acid, a form of chlorine. Theoretically, it takes less of this purer, more effective chemical to sanitize the water and maintain a safe free chlorine level than with other forms of chlorine. It also eliminates the caustic acid that is present in liquid pool chlorine, or the inert ingredients that are a part of granular and tablet chlorine.

The salt level needed to produce chlorine is only about 3,000 ppm, which is less salt than is contained in the average human tear, and about 1/17 the salt found in sea water. A nice side effect is that the salt softens the water, giving it a smoother feel for swimmers.

This desinfection method has recently become popular in the private pools, also because of the easy of dealing with salt, avoiding dangerous chemicals. But it is not so popular among public swimming pools, althought the trend is towards it, as salt chlorinators are becoming more powerful.

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  1. Rafel,

    Everything looks nice and proffesionally, good job.
    We are gonna see it all in a few weeks. (arrive 25/7)

    Cees van Gils Holland.