Monday, 2 March 2009

Internet connections

 About internet connections, there is the restaurant at the entrance with internet computers, opening from 1st April. Besides, we will open the internet cafe on 1st May. And there is the bar Amberes opening at the end of June, also with several computers.

The novelty this year will be a better coverage for WiFi, we will be changing the main antenna, installing additional antennas, and we are looking to take another ADSL connection to provide enough speed. Prices will also improve, cheaper prices and the possibility to buy two weeks or one month at a reasonable price.

The prices in our internet cafe and for the WiFi will be:
  • computer, aprox. 20 minutes: 1 €
  • WiFi, 1 hour (continuous): 2 €
  • WiFi, 1 day (continuous): 8 €
  • WiFi, 7 days (continuous): 15 €
  • WiFi, 14 days (continuous): 25 €
  • WiFi, 30 days (continuous): 30 €

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